Swipe Advertising

2013 Mobile Invention Award-Winner. Proprietary software to help brands and publishers deliver exciting and impactful customer relationships.

  • Swipe ThruTM - Mobile's New “Click Thru”
  • Gesture Analytics
  • Empowering Media Buyers in mobile
  • Eliminate the Accidental Click
2013 Award Winner Best Mobile Invention

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Mediation Marketplace

SoMo Audience's proprietary platform for simplifying the media buying on all touchscreen devices.

  • Touchscreen Device SSP
  • Connecting Demand and Supply
  • Programmatic buying
  • Real Time Bidding (RTB)
  • Focused on Mobile Web Supply
  • Banners, Interstitials, Native & Video
  • Swipe Advertising enabled inventory
  • Open and Private Inventory available
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SoMo Audience has partnered with major developers to help everyday businesses large and small understand and benefit from social media.

  • Simple tools for growing social userbase
  • Access to major social media firehouse data
  • Auto Pilot tools for finding new customers
  • Tools for managing and updating your database
  • Unique marketing strategies to generate sign ups and sales
  • Cutting Edge Reporting Dashboard