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Gesture Analytics

Modern analytical tools to help advertisers better understand their audience.

What is Gesture Analytics?

In today’s touchscreen world, it’s vital we understand the physical interactions a consumer has with their device(s).

Just a Touch!

Gesture Heatmaps provide marketers with unique optimization tools for media plans by providing deeper insight to a consumers interaction – touch or swipe – with the device, ad type, location and more.

All Creatives Are Not the Same

SoMo Audience’s data and reporting helps advertisers understand how a consumer physically interacts with anad. Advertisers are then able to improve creative, refine, tailor, increase SWIPE THRU® rates.

Fraud Prevention

Accidental clicks, illegal bot activity and a growing open marketplace leads to skewed ad responses or ad fraud. SoMo Audience’s data allows marketers to better understand the leading effects of their losses in order to prevent and protect their next campaign.

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