SoMo Audience Corporation was founded with the goal of innovating touchscreen solutions

Currently the mobile and tablet sector is filled with duplication in marketing practices for brands and consumers that provide nothing new. In many cases companies are taking the easy route and using the same methods for marketing to touchscreen consumers as they would to mouse-based users. The issue is that it's not the same, not at all. This short-sighted approach leads to negative customer experiences and poor branding opportunities.

When it comes to our touchscreen devices we interact and engage with each device in different ways. In many instances our smartphone is used on the go and our tablets are used in a sitting position. We may also be utilizing the devices in different locations, mind frames, and time of the day. Now other devices such as watches and many household devices are embracing touchscreen technology. Nothing is equal or uniform anymore. Marketers must take notice.

With our Mediation Platform and Swipe Advertising technology we focus in on key data points such as gestures, device, location, time of day and other engagement metrics. These data points separately don't tell enough but when you bring them together we have found this can benefit a marketer in many ways. Eliminating wasted spend on bad inventory placements; improve conversions by optimization with high quality analytics and insights.

Our company mission is to improve touchscreen experiences for Consumers, Marketers and Publishers. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Somo Audience Management

SoMo Audience founders are online advertising executives with almost 15 years each of proven experience.

Robert S. Manoff

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Robert has 15 years of both traditional and digital media experience with companies such as Katz Media, L90/Max Online, Elite Street LLC (Founder), Realcast Media (Co-Founder), Jambo Media LLC (Co-Founder) and Undertone. In November 2010 Robert sold Jambo Media to Undertone Inc. As CEO of SoMo Audience Corp. Robert is focused on Sales, Finance and Corporate Strategy. Robert graduated from the Pennsylvania State University.

Todd Houck

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Todd has 17 years of experience in Technology, Marketing, and Product Development. Todd has worked at companies such as, Standard Internet, Realcast Media (Co-Founder), Jambo Media (Co-Founder) and Undertone Inc. In November 2010 Todd sold Jambo Media to Undertone Inc. As COO of SoMo Audience Corp. Todd is focused on Technology, Product Development and Campaign Management. Todd graduated from Richard Stockton College.

Brett Perloff

GM of Media

Brett has held various high level marketing positions in the worlds of hospitality, fashion and e-commerce over the past 10 years. Prior to that Brett practiced law as a licensed attorney in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Brett oversees all aspects of Somo's mediation platform and programmatic buying. Brett graduated from the Pennsylvania State University and Temple University's Law and Business Schools.

Jim Bartek

Director of Technology

Jim has 11 years of experience in technology development, deployment, and architecture. Jim has worked at companies such as DirectResponse Technologies, Jambo Media, and SugarCRM. As Director of Technology of SoMo Audience Corp. Jim is focused on Developing the SoMo Platform Technology. Jim graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.