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SoMo Audience Corp. is a company that was founded on the principles of making Social and Mobile easier for all site owners

Our experienced staff has over 15 years of Internet advertising and marketing experience. Our team has had success in an array of ventures in areas such as advertising networks; affiliate marketing, search, video, display, lead generation and much more. We have now taken those experiences into the exciting world of Social and Mobile media.

Web site owners and media publishers are realizing an enormous opportunity to connect with their visitors, fans, or customers in ways that were previously never imaginable. With the use of social and mobile media many unique interactions can arise. Updating new information in the form of articles, photos, videos, coupons, breaking news and more are vital to a web site but how do they make sure their audience knows about these updates? In the fast pace world of technology a web site publisher must keep their content fresh and engaging or risk losing their audience.

When it comes to the Mobile Web most site owners are still trying to understand the best way to embrace this exploding media.  Many believe that they must build and maintain an “app” in order to really benefit from the growing smartphone and tablet marketplace.  The reality is, that’s not really true.  Apps are great for many things but not for everything.  If you are a content site, a blog, an information site or many other types of sites that do not fit into the social, utility or games and entertainment categories it’s time to forget apps and focus on your mobile web experience for your audience.  This will save you a lot of unnecessary costs and also make maintaining and profiting from your sites much easier.

The combination of these Social and Mobile web challenges is exactly where we see an opportunity to help.  The SoMo Audience Platform provides a simple and easy system for managing and profiting from your Social and Mobile web visitors.

Our mission is to provide solutions for web publishers within social and mobile media. The platform delivers an all in one system for easily setting up mobile web optimization tools, social media management and monetization. Our experienced staff is ready to help you today!



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