MoPub features SoMo Audience in Partner Spotlight

MoPub features SoMo Audience in Partner Spotlight

April 5, 2018

SoMo Audience’s Brett Perloff talks with MoPub about ad inventory, third party reporting, and more. Here’s a sample:

MoPub: What trends are you seeing in mobile programmatic right now?

Brett Perloff: Control is big. Private marketplaces (PMPs) that target more than one publisher are becoming more and more useful. With the added need for efficient traffic sets to cut down on wasted data fees, the ability to leverage certain types of inventory within a controlled environment as opposed to a certain publisher’s inventory is becoming more valuable and more widely-used. We’ve built a lot of functionality around ingesting and handling those segments to complement what MoPub has curated for us. There are a lot of advantages there. As we move forward I anticipate PMPs with curated inventory that will be created by AI as opposed to by humans, based on what we tell the AI we need from the traffic KPI-wise (either directly or more likely secondarily).

Read the full article here:

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