Mobile’s True Metric is the Swipe

Mobile’s True Metric is the Swipe

May 10, 2017


Whether it’s a Swipe Left, Swipe Right, Swipe Thru or any other Swipe there is no better engagement metric in the touchscreen world of content and advertising than the Swipe.

Companies in today’s digital media world from both content creation and advertising are struggling with topics around view-ability, brand safety, engagements, verification, time spent and many more catch phrases heard daily inside offices around the world.  Smartphone and tablet usage are at record highs and only growing.  Advertising budgets are expected to shift to mobile in staggering numbers.  However, it still has not happened because there are too many concerns and confusion around accidental interactions and proper measurement.

Enter the Swipe gesture.  What is the one thing that is common for every touchscreen consumer on any device, operating system, browser, app or location?  SWIPE  It’s universally understood from the three old playing Angry Birds on his mom’s phone to the 85-year-old grandpa looking at pictures of his grandkids on the iPad his family bought him.  Everyone swipes.  In the past few months we have heard companies such as IAC’s Tinder, Instagram, Facebook and even Google moving accidental clicks and/or Swiping to the forefront as the best possible mobile engagement metric.

By learning and understanding a consumer’s gesture interactions within your advertisements and content you can extract invaluable insights.  Those insights will enable you to offer better user experiences and also tailor your marketing messages and creative more appropriately.  By doing this you will save money and deliver your brand message to the best possible audience.

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